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Manufacturing Dog or cat Food - THE PRODUCT QUALITY Beyond Ingredients

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Pet food quality should go beyond the ingredients being right. Quality means that the required materials are clean fresh, and unadulterated. These are the same concerns we must have in regards to the foods we give food to our pets. All the right ingredients being contained in the required amounts are worthless when there is toxicity.

Exactly like humans, our house animals should eat their vegetables. Do you not clean fruit and vegetables, prior to their being included in your dog's diet, as you would on your own? Even if you are an organic gardener how much of the dirt that you planted fruit and vegetables in is in fact free from sort of toxin. Will be the fish ingredients in your pet's food free from toxins? Perhaps the pet food supplier gets its fish from a polluted normal water source.

What if the fowl that is your puppies food originated from a poultry farm that didn't care for the health of their fowl. Perhaps these fowl were egg levels, who by the end of their usefulness were sold to a pet food company. Would the manufacturer that purchased those items value the grade of those chickens?

If pet food manufacturers truly care about the grade of the ingredients used, then how do you explain the actual fact that current news is made up of information of specific things like frogs found in dog food? How do you describe the more info melamine and salmonella recalls that people as pet owners, have become so aware of within the last several years? To create matters worse, what happens when you contact a production of pet food to complain of the quality of food?

You'll get answers such once we will send you some free food, or some coupons to utilize when purchasing their food next time. How insulting to our intelligence did it get? Why would anyone want to continue by using a food that has already established issues like a recall, or someone finding a frog in the dog food can? It is beyond my understanding!

Several key questions to ask of any pet food company:

1. What are the ingredients?
2. What's the guaranteed evaluation of the merchandise?
3. Does one validate the quality of your ingredients, and if so how?

Pet owners should question where in fact the ingredients come from! Are materials being produced or brought up for usage by humans or pets? Were the substances raised or produced for other purposes, and then sold off for use in pet products? Owners also needs to ask how old the food is. Has it been resting in a warehouse for more than several months?

These are some examples of key quality questions that pet owners should ask manufacturers of these pet's food. Correct substances being in the meals, in the right quantities do not equate to quality. Quality factors ate different and unique from ingredients. Don't forget to choose natural pet products that are environmentally safe, all natural, healthy, natural, and made out of the best quality ingredients available.

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